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Data Driven Decision Making

The world of growing mountains of data and creating smarter computers. Now is the time to rethink your companies strategy. Making decisions based on data and information is needed more than ever. The data scientists of Totta data lab have experience with this (big) data. They will help you to rethink your strategy and will give you insights in your customers in the most innovative way possible. They are educated to predict your companies customers behavior. They can tell you exactly what each individual person will do.

Totta data lab can help you creating extra value with data. Our Data Deep Dive is the start of every data project. The Date Deep Dive embraces a project where all data sources are being analyzed. How usable is your data? We look at quality and quantity. We advice you on how you can enrich your data with open data sources. We also advice you on how to improve your data quality. After our Data Deep Dive you have a good image of the possibilities and non-possibilities. We start building a specific model for your business goals after you give us a GO! in the Data Deep Dive.

Our solutions

Totta data lab creates value by creating the best algorithm that leads to the best and most effective predictive solution for our customers

Totta data lab develops predictive models with the newest machine learning techniques. Want to know if we can help your company? Make an appointment. We are eager to help you with our solutions!


Most interesting predictions of the day:

Fraud cases
High churn customers

Marketing without data is like driving with your eyes closed

— Dan Zarella —

Our team

Meet our employees:

Adriaan Ackers

Daisy van Oostrom

Senior Data Scientist

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Daisy van Oostrom

Frank Hess

Jesse Luk

Senior Accountmanager

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Jesse Luk

Niels de Vries

Sabine den Daas

Senior Data Scientist

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Sabine den Daas



Our customers

We work for various organizations with various business goals and questions that keep us focused every day. A glimp of the organizations we work for:

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