E-mail Analyzer

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How does your company process e-mails? What are the most important subjects? Are you able to classify your e-mails? What do we actually know about e-mails and processing our e-mails Processing e-mails seems to be easy. It is however very challenging to create a effective working process for e-mails.

The e-mail analyzer of Totta data lab helps organization with very important insights. How effective is your company? Does your company answer most e-mails in time? What are the most asked questions, how many e-mails does it take before the customer contacts your company trough a different channel, which e-mail has highest priority, which e-mail had to go to which department? Or… which contact agent is slow in answering e-mails? Which agent needs a lot of e-mails back and forward to close a case? The question here is, which agent needs feedback and help?

The e-mail analyzer of Totta data lab is an algorithmic model that completely analyzes and visualizes your e-mail traffic. It also analyzes all op text fields that are already classified by current software. The e-mail analyzer creates insights about your companies performance and e-mails and save you a lot of time. The e-mail analyzer will send the e-mail to the right person within your company, without the need of other agents. Priority and subject can by analyzed and classified with machine learning. This creates a more efficient way of processing e-mails.

There are a lot of extra analysis that Totta data lab can do for your company. This product is meant for organizations with large customer contact centers. We are more than happy to inform you about our products. Please contact us if you want to know more.

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