Municipal fraud detection

Fraude afbeelding uitkeringsfraude

Investigating fraud cases in income is a daily job of the municipals. Totta data lab has started a pilot with a few municipals to predict fraud with big data and machine learning. Our predictions are very accurate in expressing the chances of committing fraud. Totta data lab uses data which has been made anonymous by the municipal. The algorithm predicts the chance of committing fraud per ID. The ID’s and the percentages are then given back to the municipal. The municipal will start an investigation whether or not this person is committing fraud.

Our algorithm helps to detect fraud in income in a┬ámore efficient and effective way. The state is spending less time on investigating ‘random’ tips, because they know where to look. They know exactly which person has a high risk of committing fraud.

Totta data lab is working together with Stimulansz within the social domain. Stimulansz helps us to understand the municipals working processes and jurisdictions. Stimulansz is also advising us about the integration of the predictive model in municipals working processes.

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