Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment over klantcontact op social media afbeelding

Extracting the emotion out of the text is possible by using sentiment analysis. Opions, feelings and emotions about your company on social media are identified, measured and characterized. With sentiment analysis we know how people feel about your organization, product or competition.

Sentiment analysis is obviously more complicated than just counting words. It uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) and statistic methods to identify the sentiment. This is an iterative process. The algorithm has to learn which emotions goes with specific words and word combinations within the analyzed domain or sector. Totta data lab offers algorithms that is taking sarcasm, irony and emoticons into account when predicting the real sentiment of the messages.

Our data scientists have experience in analyzing the sentiment in various sectors with peculiar sentiment structures. With this experience we are able to measure the sentiment of hospitals, but also for customers contact centers.


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